Fable: Teeth of Beasts

Lilith Noir is a hardboiled freelance enforcer for the shadow government that keeps watch over the city of Fable, a mythical realm that exists just beneath the surface of our awareness. When a fast talking private detective shows up on her doorstep, Lilith is faced with the case of a lifetime. A new drug has hit the streets of Fable, black market Ouija boards are everywhere, victims of bizarre murders are choking the city morgue, and the prime suspect is an ancient demon masquerading as an urban vagrant. Witchcraft. Guns. The Occult. Never a dull day in the twilight city.


Lilith Noir - Melantha Blackthorne
Gallu Demon - Dale Denton
Maggie Trader - Fiona Horne
Detective Mitchell - James Ray
Darius - Raw Lieba

Vessels of Wrath

Since their inception, Vessels Of Wrath have strived to bring the world a different sort of aural reality, blending metal, classical baroque influences and "world-like" sounds with the newer elements of techno and industrial. The occasional sprinkling of death and black metal makes an appearance every now and again, as well as opera, goth, punk, thrash and hardcore. It all blends seamlessly to create a musical experience like no other; music so diverse it cannot be easily thrown into an existing genre, though the elements are familiar enough not to come off convoluted or artsy. 2007 saw the release of their long-awaited debut album; ''Tis Now Struck Twelve: The Shape of Goth to Come', a culmination from years of forming their trademark of Over Dramaticized Opera Metal and brought their performances to a must see over the top theatrical experience.

Now, at the dawn of a new decade, V.O.W. brings it's 19th century suit wearing and flapper dancing show to a new level of pompousness with it's second offering; 'And We Shall Take Up Serpents', a creepy and unsettling 7-track narrative coming from the darkest and most cynically comedic places of the soul.

With a wealth of song and a vaudevillian show that makes you forget rock n roll didn't exist "back in the day", V.O.W. brings another world to you. One filled with temptation, cackling blasphemy, and with the grandeur and darkness of the olde... And you won't want to leave.


Matt Yeager - Vocals
Caleb Shaner - Guitars, Vocals
Bryan Upton - Drums, Programming
Daniel McCabe - Keyboards, Programming, Vocals
Caleb Schoeppe - Bass, Vocals
Blakely Upton - Guitars
Maria Elena Martinez - Additional Vocals