Fable: Teeth of Beasts

Lilith Noir is a hardboiled freelance enforcer for the shadow government that keeps watch over the city of Fable, a mythical realm that exists just beneath the surface of our awareness. When a fast talking private detective shows up on her doorstep, Lilith is faced with the case of a lifetime. A new drug has hit the streets of Fable, black market Ouija boards are everywhere, victims of bizarre murders are choking the city morgue, and the prime suspect is an ancient demon masquerading as an urban vagrant. Witchcraft. Guns. The Occult. Never a dull day in the twilight city.


Lilith Noir - Melantha Blackthorne
Gallu Demon - Dale Denton
Maggie Trader - Fiona Horne
Detective Mitchell - James Ray
Darius - Raw Lieba